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linksOver Christmas I was talking to my very close friend, Sharon Cannell, who lives in Western Australia and was telling her about my new blog and she said ‘Oh you must talk to my brother, Kingsley, he’s a photographer and he’s got one too.’ So Kingsley got on the phone and gave me a very kind pep talk and then signed off saying, ‘Send Me a Link.’

Well, I am new to all this so I spent the rest of the holiday wondering what on earth he was talking about. I think Send him a link? How do I send him a link? What’s a link?

I’m kidding. I knew what a link was. It was the ‘sending’ part that threw me. I’d never heard the expression before. I finally figured it out. I had to go to the library and get out a few books. Blogging for Dummies was particularly helpful.

And so here it is, the link to I think this is what he means. I link to him and then the computer somehow puts us in touch. Sort of like have My girl call your girl and see if we can have lunch. Or have my manager interface with your manager. Or something like that.

Anyhoo. His is a great link. He’s a photographer. And does very beautiful work. I especially like his abstracts.

And through one phone call to the other side of the world I learned something. I’ve learned that ‘Text me’ is so last year. Now when I go to groovy parties which is once every decade, I’ll know the lingo. I’ll say ‘Hey, baby, send me a link.’

photo by Rockies at Flickr



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2 responses to “Send Me a Link

  1. Hey Nina,

    The things you find when you google yourself! LOL – what a lovely surprise… tho what I did mean is I wanted you to send me the link to your blog 😀

    Thanks Nina for the link 😀

    Also check out the travel blog at


  2. ninakillham

    I wrote that and I realized I still didn’t understand the phrase. Too funny. Hope to see you in July when we visit Shaz and Jamie.

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