Brand Me

It was so cold yesterday I tried to type with gloves. This is what it looked like: xdjfms.asopfgm sldjfahsl.s.djf

I just read a great article at Eyecube about Brand Me. It rings so true. Especially the bit where he talks about spending 70 percent of your time on projects. Because you can get too caught up in the social media. And you think you’re creating when you’re not.

He also made me think of value. Not sure what the value of my blog is. Except that it’s free. So maybe it’s worth what you paid for it. 🙂

But it made me question myself again about what I’m bringing to the table. What am I doing here?

So I think I’ve settled on a diary of sorts of what a writer thinks about which, as you can see, is very little about writing and too much about wine, mice, my children, other people’s blogs and…pens. Mine are always running out. I don’t think they put as much ink into pens as they used to. And they always run out just when I’m nice and comfy, got my hot coffee, got a sliver of an idea in my head, and then….damn!

Anyway. I suppose my blog will be a bit like the Julia Cameron-type morning pages. I like the shortness of it. And the small sense of accomplishment it gives me for the day. Novels are so long and unwieldy that I lose track of any sense of completion. But here 200 to 300 words done and dusted gives me a little boost. But there I go again, thinking about me. What will the value be to you?



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2 responses to “Brand Me

  1. Glad you found my post thought provoking. Hope I can continue to provide good stuff you find worthwhile.

  2. ninakillham

    Hi Rick, thanks for commenting. Just wanted to say my kids are big Arsenal fans. I’m American but we live in North London. My little boy got the little Arsenal bear for Christmas.

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