Hamlet the Hamster

Hamlet the hamster arrived home today. He is the birthday present for my daughter. She has been relentless in its pursuit.

Personally I’m not into rodents behind bars but we can’t have a dog because we travel too much. We tried fish and they died. We have budgies (don’t like birds behind bars either but at some point you figure it’s them or your peace of mind and you go for your mind). The budgies will have nothing to do with us. They sit and chirp and make a racket and a huge mess. I swear they pluck each other and toss the feathers out of the cage when I’m not looking just to make me pick up after them. And they shit everywhere. When I pointed out to my daughter that we already have pets big tears welled in her eyes. ‘But they don’t let me hold them, they ignore me.’ Which is true. It’s like having two love sick teenagers who slobber all over each other but can’t be bothered to even grunt in your direction. So I have relented and Hamlet is now installed.

Let’s hope it ends better than our last hamster, Marmite, who fell from the top stair in the middle of the night. I found him the next morning. Won’t go into details because my kids might read this and they were given a different version of events. Suffice to say the real story involved two frantic parents, a pot full of water and a blow dryer. There will be a scene in my next book about it.



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2 responses to “Hamlet the Hamster

  1. Your sister

    What blow dryer?

  2. Congrats to Lara, and the fam, on the new addition!
    I remember the last hamster story well! You’re brave parents to go after it again!

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