Depressing Business


I just read the most depressing story about publishing in the New York Times yesterday. It basically says that all those people selling second books online are killing the backlists of publishing companies and that midlist writers can kiss any hope of an advance good bye.

Keeping up with the publishing world is serious and depressing business. Its demise has been hailed for years now. Though with the advent of the internet it seems to be in its final death throes. I waiver between wanting to know the bad news and clamping my hands to my ears, refusing to hear about the possibility that  there will be no one to publish what I struggle to write. I try to remind myself that I wrote for almost 20 years before my first book was published and I suppose I’ll keep rambling on long after any real hope of being published again disappears.

Or will I?

One of the best blogs on the subject is Candy Gourlay’s Notes from the Slush Pile. She is a children’s author and keeps tabs on the publishing industry as a whole. She is also very funny and very generous with her information. Check out her Web Survival Tools which she offers from a talk she gave called Who’s Afraid of the World Wide Web. She’s a true blog babe.

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