Stop Drinking and get back to work, you slug!

I am trying to come up with a title for my blog. So far the top is winning. My sister’s idea, actually. It was my first comment from her on my blog and I deleted it because I was so freaked out about blogging that I had lost all sense of humor. But, as most things my sister says, it’s perfect.

If anyone else out there has a better idea, please feel free to advise.

My friend Madi Solomon came over this morning and taught me how to link. It’s nice to have friends who have a clue. We met each other 15 years ago in LA when we were hanging out and being cool chicks in Hollywood (in our own minds, anyway). We lived in Venice Beach in tiny bungalows. Hers even had a hot tub in the back. She used to have writing salons where we drank too much red wine and commented incoherently on each other’s work.

Madi wrote beautiful short stories. Now she’s an adult and has an impressive job as Director of Content Standards with Pearson. But I remember she used to give me tarot card readings. One day I asked her about this guy I was dating. He was cute, he was wealthy, he had a maid. Seemed to be perfect for me. Madi pulled out the reversed The Fool card and said he wouldn’t even register. And she was right. I don’t even remember the guy’s name. My husband-to-be showed up in my life two weeks later.

The girl missed her calling.


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