Blogging Under the Influence

I’m sorry yesterday’s blog was a little staid and I don’t think the link even worked. I had had lots of red wine and I was trying not to come off tipsy. I did something I told myself never to do—blog while drunk. Of course had I relaxed a bit, it probably would have been more interesting than the stuff I turn out sober. But I didn’t want to get a BUI. It could be dangerous. Your self censor disappears, passed out on the couch, and your id does an embarrassing tap dance on the computer keys. Maybe I should attach a breathalyzer to my office door.

Anyway, we had a very nice Christmas lunch with friends. And like most of England, I relied on Nigella to get me through. We had her Duck breasts with pomegranate and mint. I always panic and buy too much duck which was stupid because the three children at the table wouldn’t touch it. Luckily I also served her Linguine with lemon, garlic and thyme mushrooms and a basketful of French bread. Our friend, Mark, arrived with a homemade pecan pie and the fixings for bourbon spiked whipped cream. Had I had just one more glass of wine I would have tossed my dessert fork aside and dived in face first–it was that good.

Today we drove into central London and walked around Covent Garden and avoided the sales. I love driving through the streets of London when there’s hardly anyone there. Almost makes you hanker for a good spot of bird flu. (I’m going to pay for that.) We went to a great Chinese restaurant in Soho recommended to us by a Chinese friend. She had written it down in Chinese characters so we had to walk around looking up at the signs, trying to match what was written down. We finally found it: in English, it’s Bar Shu. Great choice of ox tripe, pig’s intestines, jelly fish and hot eel strips. We settled for Gong Bao chicken with cashew nuts and crispy beef with shredded chili–delicious–trying to ignore our 6 year old’s pleas for Domino Pizza. We take the boot camp approach to child rearing.

We’re going up to Oxford tomorrow so I doubt I’ll blog. As for writing, well, I do get up early to jot down some thoughts before the kids get up. But this time of year, I give up any real thinking or writing. It’s the time for friends, family and an extra large jar of aspirins.


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