Sick Leave

My husband just came back from a long business trip. He’s regretting it now. The kids are coughing, I’m snorting and sneezing and he’s desperate for some sleep. But every room he stumbles into has a hacking occupant.

And I thought what a great business opportunity: Small hotels where husbands could go and stay, one night, maybe two or three. It would have sports TV, internet access, a fridge full of beer, home cooking. Just a mess hall, really, but with some beds upstairs.

Now I know motels exist, but this would be different. There would be CCTV cameras in every corner for one, hooked up to your home. To keep an eye on them, of course. Do you think I’m that stupid?

We could add microphones. So we could listen into our husbands’ conversations while they debated the advantages of ceramic cycle bottom brackets vs. stainless steel ones. Or the cost benefits of reentry life insurance. Or their favorite microbrewery, whether they prefer bottle or cask conditioned…. Then again maybe not.

But it’s a winner of an idea, I’m sure of it.

We could call it Motel Sick.



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2 responses to “Sick Leave

  1. David Bruskin

    Microphones will also enable you to know if your husband had Mexican food for dinner.

  2. ninakillham

    Hi David, great to see you here! Thanks for responding.

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