Brave New World

Technically this has been quite a year for me. I learned to text. I posted my first blog. And I joined Facebook.
Facebook. Wow. Talk about falling down the hole in Wonderland. I’d been asked to join by a couple of friends for a while but didn’t really know what it was about and didn’t think I had the time to learn. But I finally took the plunge and yes, it is a real time eater. Three days will go by and I’ll suddenly look up to find two hungry children and a disgruntled husband. But it’s fun. I’ve gotten in touch with several people I had lost contact with. (Of course, maybe that was their plan and I’ve ruined it) All these people that I’ve known from different phases of my life. They are all now just a click away.
And it reminds me how the world is changing and existing less on a physical plane and more in the cyber cloud above our heads.
The thing I worry about, though, is the amount of info some people put in their files. I cringe for them. I mean, on their birthday I could just drive up to their house, knock on their door, invite myself in, quote their favorite sayings, put on their favorite CD, call their kids and their dog by their names, and make a date to see them at their place of work. Now in theory only ‘friends’ can see this info. But, I don’t know, maybe over the years our ‘friends’ have changed. And don’t get me started about what the big marketing honchos might use it for.
But I guess I’m just a wee bit paranoid.
Hey, it’s a brave new world out there. Requiring brave new people.


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  1. David Bruskin

    Hey, I had a maid….

    What you describe above could be a fun — uh, kinda thing that you wrote before novels.

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