To blog or not to blog

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself ever since my niece set it up for me and it’s been waiting like a large gaping hole in my website. Feed Me! it shouts.

But I’ve been avoiding it. It’s probably an age thing but this blogging makes me nervous. It sits there waiting, a therapist with bad breath, calling to me, saying, ‘Tell me what you feel. Let it out. I’m all ears.’

I guess I’m worried about being too exposed. About saying things that I will regret later. It is a strange thing for a novelist who spends her time hiding behind her characters to suddenly be expected to have an opinion in front of geez, how many are out there?

But according to the Blog Herald, as of February this year, 112 million blogs were typed into cyberspace. And that’s not including the 73 million Chinese blogs. It made me relax. Who has the time to click on me anyway?

So why blog? Well, aside from the obvious nudging from agent and publisher, I’m curious. How will this writing about my life to an unseen audience affect me? Will I soon live to blog? Will half my brain always be in cyberspace? I’m spacey enough as it is. But mainly, all this cool black background has me itching to write something in white.

I suppose this is the time to divulge that I’ve been working on another novel. Why? Well, not because anyone is desperate to publish it, that’s for sure. It’s pretty rough out there in the publishing world. No, the real reason I write is because if I don’t, all the people in my head might join together and strangle me.

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Truthfully, though, I do believe that if I give these people books to live in, they just might leave me alone.

Which is just about the time my blog lets me sit up from the couch and have a sip of water…

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